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Sunday, February 14, 2021, 17:05

Fender Princeton Reverb - some say the best grab'n'go tube amp in the world. Lovely cleans and mean dirty sound. And that lushy spring reverb.... Oh, did I mention tube tremolo?

I've always wanted one, but the prices of these beauties are least for a mass production, Mexico-made amp! US-made, hand wired version was for sure out of my reach.

Long story short - I decided to build one ;)

BOM, I mean just the parts, are still expensive, but I had some tubes and a speaker I could use, so this is where I saved a few bucks.

The biggest problem for me was the combo cabinet - I have no tools and no real experience in carpentry to build one, that would be robust and looked good - and I want this baby to be gorgeus!

I found a local firm that could build one for me - not on the cheap side, but not overly expensive... I hope. So this step is still to be accomplished.

But as far as "electronics" I'm pretty much done with it - oh boy, this baby rocks! Samples coming soon. For now please enjoy some  pictures from the build process.


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