Princeton Reverb (AA1164)

Princeton Reverb (AA1164)

This has been my most advanced amp project so far - and it turned out quite good!
I had to fight some noise issues, a couple of other quirks here and there - now it's a lovely, little and very portable combo, that sounds awesome.
I cannot decide which speaker is better:
- Celestion G10s-50
- Or Jensen P10R-FEN

Celestion is louder, sounds bigger and better with external drive pedals, but it is Jensen that gives it the famous chime, slightly loose bottom and it's what I associate with "Fender sound".
And Jensen weights next to nothing!

Maybe I need two amps, each with a different speaker ;)

Cabinet by Limak Custom - I can mess with electronics, but carpentry is not my pair of shoes. I tried many times - the effects would always be less than acceptable. Fortunately there's people out there who can help!

More info and samples soon.

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